Donation is very important for poor people why?

Donation is a gift given by weather physically or financially, and also given by legal person. We can do the donation for the purpose of providing relief and pleasure to that poor people which are not able to buy any things or we can say orphaned children.

A Donation can be in various forms, we whether it goods, services, money, food, toys including clothing and vehicles also, it can be emergency relief or humanitarian help.

The question arises that why we should Donate to poor people?

We have to donate because there are various positive effect of donation to charity & orphaned children. Are as Follows…

*  Earn More pleasure:- After donating the any things or kind we feel pleasure this is the main effect of donation and it did show that donating money simply makes you feel better

*  Help others in need:- if we say when we are donating some things that the reality is that when you donate your money, you help others who need it.

*  You will feel reach:- donating others is increases your capacity for love and it realized you that even you don’t have much you have more to share with the poor children and others.

Be part of something bigger:- by donating a little bit money you feel much bigger and you feel that you are doing some different.

And finally we come to the conclusion that we must have to donate whether in money or kind, and there are various positive effect of donation on the poor children and on charity.

By donating the poor children we earn more respect and good will and this is most important for the any people.

If we donate the goods and services to orphaned children they feel good and pleasure in spite of doing charity we can save the life of orphaned children. Because even a small donation have the bigger impact on small children who are not eligible to buy any things, which are totally depends on charity and trust.



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